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Adrian Anton

Graphic Designer

For all your marketing needs, connect with him & ignite your growth.

Bei Zhao

Game Designer(Art)

She is active, open, and likes to communicate.

Dan Nguyen

Stylist & Designer

A thinker who communicates herself through the quality of her work.

Eden Bayer

Visual Designer

She/Her - Known for her laugh that travels through walls, breathing life to a set, and forever expanding her tool box of tricks. ;)

Karry Ha

Product Stylist

Voted Most Likely to Not Wear Colour.

Lisette Botelho

Mia Duong

Creative Director

She loves art and fashion in general and would love to work and live in this creative field.

Ngoc Huynh

Product Stylist

She is a visual designer who loves to work hands-on and always strives to bring balance into her designs and her life.

Samantha Curtis

Product Stylist

A few of her passions are product styling, photography, and content creation.
She is fueled by coffee, a l w a y s.

Tien Nguyen

Art Director

Please call her Tien. She is an art director and a stylist by heart.
Made in Vietnam and currently based in Canada.

Xin Lu

UI/UX Designer

Graphic design is a key to his growth. It took him into 3D modeling and rendering, landscape interaction and animation design.

Anastasiia Kravchuk

Visual Artist

When she hears or reads something fascinating, she tries to visualize it. It makes average things more exciting and joyful in her eyes.

Brandon Shen

Fashion Stylist

Professional moodboard creator.

Dayanne Atienza

Creative Director

Like a gymnast, she is very flexible and determined in her creative pursuit.

Haiba Mukhi

Creative Director

Don't look so surprised if you see her in a purple Rolls Royce in a couple of years.

Kaylin Dawkins

Malak Elhamidi

Fashion Stylist

Once upon a time, she existed and here you are looking at her B&W photo... Just click on her profile already! You won't be disappointed. ;)

Minju An

Stylist/Visual Merchandiser

She finally found her way in the Visual Merchandising Arts. Are you curious about her and her work? Now, you have a chance! ;)

Nicole Evola

Creative Director

Hi, this is Nicole! She is a passionate designer and artist who loves everything fun and unusual!

Ssu-Han Huang

Display Coordinator & Installation Artist

This is Ssu-Han, please call her Rosa. Her focus is to create all kinds of beautiful and unique designs.

Vinasha Menka

Fashion Stylist & Visual Merchandiser

She is a fashion enthusiast and has an appreciation for aesthetics. Her faith, family and friends are most important in her life.

Anthony Massullo


When there's a will, there's a way... he always has a way.

Catherine Vera Arroyave

Creative Director

Evoking emotion through art. Her life is centred around marrying unspeakable words, feelings, and beauty of creation, just like art.

Diana Manosalva Lopera

Industrial Designer & Visual Merchandiser

Research, conceptualization, and execution.

Kacie Fraser

Creative Freelancer/Creative Director

She believes in the approach of Meraki [may-rah-kee] : to put something of yourself into your work. Soul. Creativity. Love.

Lauren Billingsley

Visual Merchandiser

Hi there! This is Lauren and her aim is to make things look pretty. She tries to use bold colours that are as fun as her personality in all that she does!

Maysaa Elkaderi

Fashion Stylist

She enjoys designing various product and fashion layouts with different props to create interesting visuals.

Naomi Elias

Visual Merchandiser

Click here for pictures of her dog.

Rebecca Reaker

Concept/Directive Creator

She is secretly a ghost with a strange obsession with sunflowers.

Stephanie Breiche

Fashion Stylist

She enjoys fashion and product styling, along with creating visuals that speak for themselves.

Wardah Ejaz