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About Us

our mission statement

PLEXUS  is a platform created by the resilient 2nd year Visual Merchandising Arts students of 2022. Have you ever wondered what the coexistence of nature and technology will look like in the future? PLEXUS includes an installation that explores these paradoxical ideas. Each vignette showcases the usage of surreal, immersive, natural, and technological elements that will make you question your reality. The result is a culmination of a 10-week creative process, focusing on fabrication, styling, photography, graphic design, merchandising and more. We aim to inspire those within the Sheridan community, the industry, and our external communities.

Our Focus

PLEXUS  will explore the coexistence of paradoxical ideas. What happens if nature and technology coexist? What if our deepest fantasies become reality? Through collaborating on ideas and solutions, we aim to create a lasting impact on our community.

Our brand values

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PLEXUS believes in the seamless coexistence of nature and technology. As technology advances, we’re able to better preserve our natural resources. By preserving nature, our planet continues to be more habitable. These two ideologies must exist in harmony.

Every individual has unique ideas. PLEXUS believes in the importance of togetherness and collaboration. By diligently combining all of our strengths and skills, we will conceptualize individual ideas into a collective presentation that will be more powerful and impactful.



The present reality may seem surreal, however, PLEXUS will not let this limit our creativity. We will apply the lessons from the past to realize the dreams of our future.

What’s real and what’s not? PLEXUS  aims to blur the line between reality and fantasy. We will create immersive environments that will make you question your thoughts and emotions.


PLEXUS  is a space for us to explore and express ideas within the Sheridan environment. As students living and learning amid a pandemic, we have longed for a connection with the community.This will be an opportunity to highlight and showcase our talents both internally

and externally.

Inside : outside

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Galactic Gardenia
Plexus: a network of dreams

PLEXUS: A Network of Dreams is a short film created by the students of the Visual Merchandising Arts program. It takes viewers on a journey through the world of PLEXUS.

The short film follows Justin, a dedicated VMA student who is overworked from assignments. In the blink of an eye, he is teleported to PLEXUS, a world where the line between reality and fantasy is nonexistent. He is met with familiar faces, new friends, and discovers the wonders that PLEXUS holds.

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